Contractual Staffing

Contractual Staffing

Staffing needs are not always of a permanent nature as businesses can face contingent staff requirements - replacements for maternity and sick leave, peak workloads in administration, accounting, customer service and production, a technology project requiring a particular IT skill for one year and many others.

Temporary and contracts staffing can be used in a strategy of adjusting staffing to suit workload, supported by a reliable vendor who can provide the skills you need when you need them. This can be a cost-effective and efficient solution to permanent hiring.

LetZconnect helps clients by sourcing staff, sometimes at very short notice. We help them further by solving co-employment issues and providing the administrative management of our temporary employees, including HR management, payrolling and benefits administration. We also have a temporary to permanent conversion scheme should you decide to engage the temporary on a permanent basis.

Our temporary employees are employed by LetZconnect and we are therefore responsible for paying their salary, insurance, statutory contributions, managing and counseling them. This makes everything easy for our clients.

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